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Cyber Valuation

Quantar has created patented proprietary technology for you to be able to financially value the cyber threats posed to your specific organization. We have built upon many years of experience and expertise in cyber threat valuation methods, with leading academic and business experts contributing to our applications.

CyCalc Applications Overview

Since 1999, Quantar has developed a suite of software tools that can be provided to your organization for utilization internally, by us acting on an outsourced basis in the provision of cyber and privacy risk analysis and reports, or a combination of the two.

Our services are based upon the core components developed specifically for the identification, assessment, quantification and valuation of expected losses consequent upon the cyber threats posed to your organization on a day-to-day basis.

Unlike many other services and tools, Quantar’s suite of core components provides ongoing threat assessment and financial valuation, enabling optimization of your organization’s cyber risk management, I.T. security systems, policies and procedures.

With an increasingly onerous regulatory environment appertaining to cyber security, allied to mounting third party claims for cyber breaches globally, we can provide the means for regulatory compliance as well as the data required for repudiation/mitigation of legal claims for wrongful or negligent acts.

Major risk carriers are currently increasing the type and quantity of policy qualification criteria before accepting cyber threat coverage. By utilizing our solutions and services, Quantar is able to provide your organization with the means to fulfill these new thresholds of qualification.

Many cyber insurance products now have exclusions in the absence of external assessment. Let us assist you in the provision of documented external assessment and cyber threat exposure and benefit from the full effect of insurance mitigation.

Technology Installation

Although Quantar provides services for cyber threat valuation, we can also provide our proprietary and patented technology one a per-company basis, for in-house ongoing valuations.

This is frequently the case where a risk management program is stable and mature, with various components embedded within a client organization. Such components already present would be, for example, business continuity program integration with the overall risk management program; process managers with detailed specifications and operational data; integrated risk transfer policies and procedures.

Our technology is comprised of both hardware and software. However, we are able to provide a software-only solution where a client wished to utilize a specific brand of hardware in line with existing company policies. Where this is the case, we can assist in the installation and configuring the software on our client’s hardware.

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Financially value your organization’s cyber threat exposure


Enhance I.T. security using actual attack data experienced by your network

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